Monday, October 27, 2008

Holidays Are Coming

It's time for us all the get together and support the Iams Homes 4 the Holidays Campaign. Our friend Victoria at put us onto this and we think it is a great idea - especially since two of our family are rescues (Dozer doesn't count, he was in the paper and Mum had to pay for him - probably too much in my book BOL!)

So go pick up your logo, spread the word and let's have everyone home for the holidays!


Moco said...

Our Humane Society has done this for a few years. It seems that more cats get adopted than dogs, but at least some fur pal gets to have a nice place to go.
We are in awe that you were able to steal Dozer's bone and stuffie. You are going to be in for it when he wakes up from all the dope he is taking.
We have to keep Dawson's fur longer in the fall and winter also. He gets to be a shiver boy. We love going to our groomer.
Aren't walks the best. Burrs and all?

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Although I'm not adopted by Mom, we DO support pet adoption....Mom would love to adopt more pets now if she could afford it,but it doesn't seem so...=( You're doing a great job with it! Hope more people will be aware of all the cute doggies and kitties waiting to be in their furever homes!