Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our blog

Mum can't get Blogger to let her upload pictures which is the pits. She took Dottie north to visit her previous owner and Mum took great pictures but Blogger keeps saying it has an internal problem. Internal problem? I'll give it internal problems! BOL!

Anyway, Mummy says she will update the blog tomorrow at lunch time. She is taking the pictures on a flash drive, whatever that is.

Willow, Howie, River and Mango: Thanks for asking if I needed to be sprung from jail. Mum makes me sit behind the fence in the car when she is driving for safety reasons. (Apparently the time I climbed in her lap and tried to kiss her face while she was negotiating a turn was not as appreciated as I thought it might be. Go figure.).

Mum has been quite giving lately. She has let Coop and me sleep on the bed with her while Dad has been gone. It has been lovely. Nothing like going beddy-bye with Mum giving me a neck massage. My Mum, I think I'll keep her.

Pictures tomorrow! Promise! (Unless Blogger let's us down).

Love, Dozer


Willow the Black Dale said...

Oh Dozer.....we are always here to help and support our friends. You just looked so unhappy behind bars. Hey who wouldn't right.
So your mom can't get those pictures loaded huh. I bed those pictures were cute and NOT of you behind bars. Figures..... moms.
In support of you,

Peanut said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. Sleeping on the bed is the best.

Dakota said...

I'm Dakota of the East and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog!!

River said...

Hey Dozer, my mom can lift 50 lbs of dogfood you would be a leetle feather for her bol! Blogger seems to do that-object to pictures once in a while. Glad you weren't in jail. It's nice to get extra special attention.

love & wags,