Monday, August 11, 2008

I've Won the Bronze! Wooooo Hooooo!

I can't believe it! I placed in the Paw-limpics at Wire Wise! I always hoped my training would bring great things but this is incredible! I won the bronze in Bitey-Face, not my best event but I had quite the opponent in my red dinosaur. I guess it was the fact that I was biting him in the butt that helped put me over the top!

My toilette on seaweed and kelp at the beach helped me win the bronze in the Pee-mail competition too. I'm sure it was my form that the judges saw and felt deserved recognition. I really lifted my leg using the best technique I had.

The competition in Paw-limpics is incredible. The gold and silver medal winners are what I hope to achieve as I continue to train for this prestigious competition. I can't believe my pal Sparky isn't here (what a time to go on vacation!) but I will make sure Mango, Izzie, Moxie, River, The Saints and the Fatties see my medal.

It is silly but this made Mum's day! She sent an email to everyone in the family with the link to the Paw-limpics. She said sometimes it is just the little things in life that make a day go from ordinary to simply extraordinary. But she says bribing the judges is completely out of the question. It was just a thought...

Bitey-Face with the red dinosaur brought me a bronze. This is when I had him on the ropes and he was about to cry "Uncle!"

I won the bronze in the Pee-Mail competition too. Check out the leg lift in this picture. I had to stand tippy-toe because I have short legs but sometimes you have to give it your all to achieve your dreams.


the Corgi Girls said...

We love all your pics, but those two are really goon ones... the one with you and the red dino even made Mum and Dad get us a red dino on vacation when we saw one! Can you believe it?! Please make sure you take lots of pics of cool toys, give our pawrents the hint, BOL!!! We want to come play on the beach with you!!!

M & I

Lenny said...

Congratulations Dozer! You are a great athlete.

Your friend, Lenny

River said...

You go, Dozer!! Congrats on 2 great wins! That dino was dead meat.

love & wags,

Sparky said...


Congratulations, man! You totally deserved the bronze for both the pictures! That's pawesome!


Preppy Pugs said...

Paw-limpics! How cute. Congrats on your wins! Tell your mum that you deserve a winners meal tonight.

Peanut said...

You go Champ. Win those medals

Chris & Mackenzie said...


Nice job taking down that dinosaur...he's nearly as big as you!