Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Fart Because I Can

Hey Howie,

Your Mother got Willow's ire up! Check out what he thinks. Me, I think we can go to Willow's house and have a great time! BOL! Thhhhrrrrppp!

Time outs for farting? What the crap is that about??? EVERYONE in our house would be in time out if we lived at Howies house. Howie.....dude....our door is open to you buddy. My mommy allows farting and we rate ours. Nope, no time outs here.

Fart away,Willow


Nancy and the fatties said...

Hey, Willow, Dozer, can you call the double a ess pee cee aye??? I don't got no thumbs and I'm locked up here in The Time Outs Zone fur fartin. It ain't rite!!!!!!
yer good pal awaiting extradition,
Bad Pee

Peanut said...

Oh hahaha farting is something that happens all the time here. No time outs. poor Howie