Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally Recognized as a Master

Check it out! I made it to Licked Toys! Thanks Chris and McKenzie! You guys make de-stuffing worth the effort. (And all Mum thought I did was make a mess - she missed the entire point of the exercise! BOL!)


Peanut said...

THat is great

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL BOL BOL!!!! We can't tell you how many different types of beds we have de-stuffed.... parents thinking "oh, maybe they won't destroy this kind, or gee, maybe this foam stuffing will be different".... stupid humans!

Needless to say, the humans think it would take a ballistic, Kevlar, bullet proof covered bed to keep us at bay... and no zippers. We know their weekness.

Good work Doz, we're proud of you!

M & I

Willow the Black Dale said...

Great work Dozer!! I applaud your work! you have great form and concentration. If only we could all have this kind of skill. Woohoo for you my friend!!!!

Hey is this an Olympic sport in the Pawlympics??? It should be because I think you would get a gold!!

Smiles for you,

Sparky said...


This post made me laugh indeed! Good job!


Chris & Mackenzie said...

Dozer - I have to admit, 3.46 minutes is pretty darn'd give me a run for my money!


Lenny said...

Definitely worth the effort - it earned you ANOTHER medal!!!! Come check it out! You are "cleaning up"!

Your friend, Lenny