Saturday, August 9, 2008

Burr Under My Butt

Cooper is such a dufus! He went outside this morning and got covered in burrs. I mean not just a couple, he was thick with them.

Mum took one look and called the groomer because this was bigger than she could handle. The groomer looked at Coop and said she would try and save as much hair as possible but Coop was a real mess. (Well, I could have told her that much!)

So Mum left Cooper at the "salon" for three hours. They did leave some fur on his legs but pretty much everything else got shaved off 'cause he had made such a mess.

While Coop was at the "salon" Mum and I went out in the backyard and pulled out all the Queen Anne's Lace and another bush that had burrs on it. It was a huge pile by the time we got done. (Honestly, if it weren't for me, I don't know how these things would get done at all.)

Cooper came home at 4pm and smelled like a cheap floozie. They put this green bow on him and he looked like a shaved peach with a bow tie. Mum says he is very soft but I am just embarressed. And if Cooper had any sense he would be too.


Willow the Black Dale said...

Seriously who would put a bow on a boy. Bows are for us girls!! Silly groomer!!
Ahhhh, Cooper try and stay out of those burrs dude. They really get us into trouble. Hoomans freak out over those things. But don't feel bad I got into them yesterday and mommy wasn't to happy with me. teehee
By the way, you look great!!


Peanut said...

We love the new look.