Monday, July 28, 2008

I made my own award

Mum said since I have been such a bad Corgi that I need to spend more time reading blogs of nice dogs and perhaps some of their goodness will rub off on me. (yeah right!)

So, to make this palatable, I got on the computer and made a blog award of my very own to give out to the blogs which have made me see the errors of my Corgi ways (yeah right!)

The first blog to win this coveted award is...(drum roll please)...Willow the Black Dale! (big surprise yes?!)

Why has Willow won this much sought after award? Because he is blogging even while his family is two-timing him at Grandmas! BOL! That is incredible devotion to blogging even as his heart is breaking (sob!). We honor you Willow for your perserverence and courage in the face of such heartbreak! Wear your award proudly! We love ya!


Mango said...

How kind of you to give an award to poor abandonded Willow. You aren't a bad corgi for sure. Its your mom that's a big meanie.


Peanut said...

Willow deserves that award. It's cute Your mom needs to get over herself I think

Sparky said...

You guys made your own award? That's pawesome! That was really nice of ya to give it to Willow!


Saint Lover said...

How very cool of you! You made an awesome award and I hope I get it pawed forward to me some day.

Willow the Black Dale said...

Big Sigh....poor pitiful me (Willow). Can you believe they left me!! But I am a true friend and just won't desert you. You are looking great my friend. The award is pawsome!!!!
The hoomans are off to go paint balling for a few days. grrrrr

smooches to you twol,