Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hot, hot, hot!

Mum took this little snap of Cooper on his chair. Mum has it covered
in a comfy little velour-type blanket. She has pretty much
given up ever using the chair herself. C'est la vie!
It is really hot today. Dad took Cooper and me for a walk to the park and Mum took Dottie for an abbreviated (think short) walk to the bridge and back. The Dotmeister was really tired and hot when she got home. Mum turned on the sprinkler to water the flower garden in the front yard and Dottie walked around in the mist and checked out the grass while she waited for us. Coop and I got home around 20 minutes later and we were puffin' and huffin'. Too hot for corgis and cockers! We are taking siestas this afternoon but not before we visit all our favorite blogs to see how our friends are doing. We think poor Mango is really suffering with PeeWee being hurt and not being able to play bitey face. These are desperate times for canines!


Peanut said...

How hot was it there? It was like 100 here today. Mom kept telling me to come inside. She is no fun.

Saint Lover said...

Its been HOT HOT HOT here too... Hope your little guys are able to keep cool.