Thursday, July 24, 2008

Before there was us, there was them

Way back in history, a long time ago, in another state, (and probably another galaxy), Mum had other dogs in her life. She found this picture in her photo box. The picture dates from June 1970 - that's almost 40 years ago! (Mum must be getting old - need to keep an eye on this).

The bloodhound was Jennifer (Mummy's dog), to the left was Amanda (Uncle Andy's dog) and to the right was Snoopy (Uncle Bryan's dog). They had this metal bed and they would all pack into it together which might have worked except that Jennifer the Bloodhound was really big, even as a puppy.

These were really good dogs in Mum's life and they went to the Rainbow Bridge many years ago. They are remembered with fondness and love.

There were no digital cameras back in the dark ages of Mum's youth (check out her plaid jumper in the picture, BOL!) and no video at all. So this picture is very precious. Good thing Mummy has her digital camera now, she can take lots of pictures of me.


Saint Lover said...

awe.. its so nice to look back through the years. Its wonderful that you have something so treasured to remember them by.

Peanut said...

What lovely dogs. Your mom was lucky to grow up with them

River said...

They look like they were terrific dogs. Great that you could convert them to digital and have the picture to look at wherever you are in the world.
love & wags,