Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dottie Lost in Action

I'm sorry but I think I have the dumbest biped in the world! Mum talked to Dottie's mother tonight and gave Betty a full update on her little furball. Betty is so cute, she always calls Mum when she gets one of Mummy's newsy little letters. So they talked for a half hour and Mum rubbed my ears most of that time. Mum likes Betty a whole bunch and loves writing her. I think Betty must be a saint or something. I mean, who else would give their dog to our Mum so she could be sure Dottie would never go to a shelter? Well, my original parents certainly didn't. They put an ad in the paper for pete's sake! How can you sell a little heartbeat like me? But I digress.

So after about an hour Mummy goes outside and calls for Dottie. No answer. She looks under the deck, around the shed, under the boat. She looks in the bathroom, under the bed, in the guestroom and in the laundry room. She checks everywhere but no Dottie. Mum starts to panic because Dottie still has her old tags on with Betty's name and address. What if Dottie is on the street? Well, we are in a small rural town, how bad could that be? By this time I am feeling really good - maybe Dottie has found a new home? Maybe the nightmare has ended and I can be king of the heap again.

Finally Mum checks the garage and there is Dottie, patiently waiting for her. Sheesh! How Dottie got through the laundry room and down the steep steps into the garage is beyond me but she got to go exploring without us! Mum immediately took Dottie's old collar off and put a new one on with her new tag with her name and Mum's cell phone number. There goes that chance of losing her!

Mummy got Grandmummy a copy of America at Home, a neat book about America and how people live. She made a custom cover on-line and put a neat picture of Grandmummy at HF Bar Ranch on the front. It is pretty cool and I hope Grandmummy's 85th birthday on the 4th of July is fun. We can't go but Uncle Alex will be there so we know it will be fun!

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Peanut said...

Thanks goodness Dottie wasn't lost. that would have been scary. That book looks really neat.