Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

Mum is better - she was sick all last week which was soooo boring! We love a good biped as much as the next canine, but when they get sick, the whole fud chain stops. We spent most of last week on the bed with Mum and slept about fifteen hours out of every twenty-four. Our play time came to a total standstill which was almost grounds for mutiny. Once she saw the doctor and got on some medicine she was on the mend. She felt so good the day after her office visit, we got a walk down to Philomath Park which was pawsome! The creek was flooding so we did not get to do the whole circuit but it was a good walk nonetheless.

Tonight Mum felt we should break out some Valentine duds and take pictures. She began the process by bribing us with dental chewies. For some reason I (Dozer) took three times longer to finish mine and Coop managed to have 4 chewies! I think they were smaller than mine or at least that is what Mum says.

Next thing we knew, Mum had us on chairs, looking out windows and generally behaving like super models
while she snapped away. We should get paid for looking so good!

My profile pretty much sets the ladies' hearts to pitter-pattering. There is nothing like a good Pembroke profile to set hearts aflutter.

Time for us to reclaim the bed and get our beauty sleep.


Lacy said...

me hopies u mama feels better now...it not long till valentines day...

b safe,

Peanut said...

Oh we are glad your mom is feeling better. You both look quite nice in your valentines wear.